Dax is an aspiring, self-taught Australian photographer with an eye for the wow factor. His passion for photography is fuelled every day by his vision – enable beauty and empower creativity into everyday life through the power of photography and visual arts.
In today’s busy life, sometimes we forget to appreciate that the world we live in indeed offers beautiful sceneries that, when captured in photography, may act as a therapy to reduce stress, instil creativity into mind, or simply make us just feel good about ourselves. 
Picture this in your mind for a second. 
Would you agree that a photograph of a beautiful ray of lights shining through your city’s sky scraping buildings or a distinct contrast between the blue ocean water and white sands taken from a different angle, may bring creative streaks back into our lives?
At designedbydax.com, our mission is not only to capture those beautiful sceneries at the right time and the right place, but we also transform them into an affordable piece of stylish and original photographic art. We hope that our collections will add a spark to your interior, turning your house into a home and to be proud of yourself.  
Our online gallery – https://designedbydax.com – showcases our limited and original photography collections. We deliver our photographs in affordable, high quality framed canvas or acrylic prints. Also, we use use tracked and insured shipping to make sure that your order arrives at your home on-time with no defect, providing you with convenience, confidence and peace of mind.
Your home deserves a beautiful photographic art that makes you proud. Let us help you make your house a home with an extra bit of style.